Spreadsheets run the world. Spreadsheets are being used in everything from complex Oil and Gas operations to basic to-do lists for your home. Let`s take a look at the humble spreadsheet. […]
iNsight by Geir Husdal In this iNsight we take a closer look at Methane, with a specific focus on Offshore Oil and Gas. In 2014 Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) engaged NEMS to improve […]
Great news, Equinor and Enova! Looking forward to an exciting offshore wind project in the Tampen area. 
Every spring many highly skilled people in companies across Europe settle in behind their desk and start amassing dozens and dozens of spreadsheets. They start looking at their numbers; […]
iNsight by Özlem Yetkinoglu Sobhi
Everything you need to know about HOCNF in 3 minutes HOCNF = Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format a NEMS iNsight by Anette Jæger A HOCNF is a document that […]
iNsight by Anette Jæger The sea and oceans are facing a huge challenge with the large amounts of plastics. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has defined microplastics as follows:  […]
iNsight by Özlem Yetkinoglu Sobhi. Norway and Sweden are unique, yet also notably alike. They have a common cultural heritage, similar language, scores very high in world happiness index, […]
Every year our team of Environmental Experts work with several of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in Norway. The Operators in the Oil industry need to deliver reports for the authorities related […]

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